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SHIJIAZHUANG XINLONGWEI CHEMICAL CO.,LTD., being a ISO&SGS Certified reputed manufacturer who specialize in producing and exporting of Liquid Chemicals in China, aiming to provide High Quality Chemicals for both domestic and abroad customers. Our capacity is as below: Hydrogen Peroxide(150,000MT/Year), Caustic Soda Liquid(300,000MT/Year), Glacial Acetic Acid(90,000MT/Year), Hydrochloric Acid(220,000MT/Year), Sulfuric Acid(540,000MT/Year), Nitric Acid.(120,000MT/Year), Degreasing Agent(10,000MT/Year), Formaldehyde Solution(60,000MT/Year) Not only providing chemicals, we also provide solutions in Mining and Tannery fields to raise efficiency. SHIJIAZHUANG XINLONGWEI CHEMICAL CO.,LTD. wishes to bring benefits to you via providing High Quality Chemicals with best value!
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  • 15 2019.10
    TD1105-H2O2 pumping hydrogen peroxide detector features imported high-precision electrochemical principle sensor USB interface high-speed data transmission, downloadable print data LCD dot matrix display technology, can display gas type, gas unit, gas concentration value, measurement maximum value, local time, ambient temperature, etc. Support Chinese and English operation interface, switch simple and convenient gas concentration unit PPM, mg/m3 can quickly switch to display the built-in micro-sampling pump. The suction force of the pump has ten adjustable positions. The explosion-proof grade: ExiaIICT4 TD1105-H2O2 pumping hydrogen peroxide detector function monitors the concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the environment or in the confined space and alarms with self-checking function. The zero calibration function makes the gas monitoring more accurate and reliable. It can avoid the trouble of misoperation with temperature and pressure compensation. It can perfectly realize the compensation of gas concentration under different temperature and pressure environment. Two-level sound and light alarm can be set. The alarm point can set the large-capacity lithium polymer rechargeable battery pump sampling method. The pump's suction size is adjustable. The shell is made of high-strength special engineering plastic. It is non-slip, waterproof, dustproof and explosion-proof. TD1105-H2O2 pumped hydrogen peroxide detector for furniture, flooring, wallpaper, paint, gardening, interior decoration and refurbishment, dyes, paper, pharmaceutical, medical, food, antiseptic, fertilizer, resin, adhesives and pesticides, Raw materials, samples, process and breeding plants, waste treatment plants, perm production workshops, biopharmaceuticals, home environmental protection, animal husbandry, greenhouse cultivation, warehousing logistics, brewing fermentation, agricultural production
  • 10 2019.10
    The reductive bleaching washed well biasing titanate slurry was filtered through a leaf filter, with deionized water (preferably 40-60 deg.] C and containing 0.1% -2.0% of the acidic water) was washed with metatitanic acid, further ferrous sulfate wash until metatitanic Fe 2 0 3 containing less than 30 * 10 -6 qualified. 7. Operation steps, requirements, shortcomings and improvement suggestions for the bleaching of trivalent titanium solution 1. Addition of acid was dissolved in the water jacket qualified heated with stirring enamel Fanyingguo metatitanic acid and water, stirring to adjust the slurry concentration and containing about Ti0 2 300g / L (if made of rutile titanium dioxide, this When adding calcined seeds, then add a certain amount of industrial sulfuric acid, so that the sulfuric acid concentration of the slurry is between 40-50g / L, steam heated to 50-55 ° C, so that the high-iron hydroxide is dissolved into high-speed iron sulfate Solution. 2. Reduction According to Ti0 2 , add 0.4%-1.0% of trivalent titanium solution as reducing agent, continue stirring, continue heating, keep the temperature at 50-55 ° C for 1 h, and let all the high-sulfur sulfate reduce to ferrous sulfate. Sampling and measuring the trivalent titanium concentration (in terms of Ti0 2 ) in the slurry is 0.3-0.5 g/L, and cooling to 40 ° C or lower can be washed with water. When using a trivalent titanium solution, the solid impurities must be filtered out to ensure the quality of the bleaching. At the same time, the trivalent titanium ions are easily oxidized in the air, so when bleaching, the temperature of the slurry should not be too high, and the stirring during the heat preservation should not be too fast. 3. Washing will reduce the bleac