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SHIJIAZHUANG XINLONGWEI CHEMICAL CO.,LTD., being a ISO&SGS Certified reputed manufacturer who specialize in producing and exporting of Liquid Chemicals in China, aiming to provide High Quality Chemicals for both domestic and abroad customers. Our capacity is as below: Hydrogen Peroxide(150,000MT/Year), Caustic Soda Liquid(300,000MT/Year), Glacial Acetic Acid(90,000MT/Year), Hydrochloric Acid(220,000MT/Year), Sulfuric Acid(540,000MT/Year), NItric Acid.(120,000MT/Year), Degreasing Agent(10,000MT/Year), Formaldehyde Solution(60,000MT/Year) Not only providing chemicals, we also provide solutions in Mining and Tannery fields to raise efficiency. SHIJIAZHUANG XINLONGWEI CHEMICAL CO.,LTD. wishes to bring benefits to you via providing High Quality Chemicals with best value!
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  • 18 2019.11
    Guizhou Zunyi Titanium Factory is China's largest large-scale smelting plant for sponge titanium. It is the leading sponge titanium production plant in China. In the smelting process, a large amount of chlorine gas is generated. In order to reduce environmental pollution, water is used to remove chlorine. This produces a large amount of waste hydrochloric acid. The concentration of this waste acid is about 20%, which is difficult to handle, and because the waste acid contains a large amount of impurities. Therefore, there are certain difficulties in recycling it. It is imperative to solve the problem of waste hydrochloric acid in titanium plants. As one of China's Guizhou province's mineral resources, its reserves of manganese ore of living in a third country. The manganese ore resources in Guizhou Province are mainly distributed in Zunyi and Songtao. With the serious disorderly mining in recent years, the grade of manganese ore resources has gradually decreased. In this low-grade rhodochrosite as metallurgy, chemical industry raw materials, difficult to be exploited. Because most of the manganese ore resources in Guizhou Province are characterized by poverty, fineness and miscellaneous, there is certain difficulty in mineral processing . The comprehensive utilization of low-grade manganese ore resources in Zunyi and Songtao has always been a concern of researchers in metallurgical and chemical industries. The problem. Therefore, the authors propose an experimental scheme for the preparation of manganese chloride tetrahydrate from low-grade rhodochrosite in Zunyi by using hydrochloric acid waste hydrochloric acid. The single factor method is used to investigate the leaching temperature, leaching time, liquid-solid ratio and acid excess coefficient. The effect on manganese leaching rate.
  • 14 2019.11
    Automatic acid value meter / acid value meter Model: TYD-TRY-5 Instrument Description: TYD-TRY-5 type automatic acid value meter is based on the requirements of China's power and petrochemical departments for measurement operation The new product of transformer oil and turbine oil acid value is suitable for determining the acid value of petroleum products as specified in GB7599-87. The instrument fully absorbs the advantages of the company and similar products at home and abroad, implements the people-oriented design concept, and adopts modern design methods for product structure, control circuit and program. It is an ideal replacement product for the current petroleum product acid value measuring instrument. First, the instrument features: 1, using the neutralization method of measurement principle 2, the instrument automatically completes the addition, titration, stirring and automatic determination of the end point of the titration 3, with a special reagent bottle containing the extract and neutralizing liquid, the reagent does not Air contact avoids the effects of solvent evaporation and carbon dioxide in the air. The user does not touch the solvent by hand, which reduces the harm of organic solvents and chemicals to the human body. 4. The instrument is easy to operate, large-screen LCD display, Chinese menu selection, the user only needs to select the menu function, press the screen prompt to input relevant data and confirm, the instrument can automatically complete the whole process of acid value determination. 5. Two samples can be continuously measured. Second, the technical indicators: 1, the measurement range: 0.001 ~ 0.100mgKOH / g between ± 0.005mgKOH / g acid value between 0.100 ~ 0.400mgKOH / g is ± 5% of the indicated value 3, the repeatability of the indication: 0.004 mgKOH/g 4, minimum resolution: 0.001mgKOH/g 5. Printing method: thermal printing 3. Working strip: 1. Ambient temperature: 5-40°C 2. Relative humidity ≤ 85% RH 3. No corrosiv
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