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SHIJIAZHUANG XINLONGWEI CHEMICAL CO.,LTD., being a ISO&SGS Certified reputed manufacturer who specialize in producing and exporting of Liquid Chemicals in China, aiming to provide High Quality Chemicals for both domestic and abroad customers. Our capacity is as below: Hydrogen Peroxide(150,000MT/Year), Caustic Soda Liquid(300,000MT/Year), Glacial Acetic Acid(90,000MT/Year), Hydrochloric Acid(220,000MT/Year), Sulfuric Acid(540,000MT/Year), Nitric Acid.(120,000MT/Year), Degreasing Agent(10,000MT/Year), Formaldehyde Solution(60,000MT/Year) Not only providing chemicals, we also provide solutions in Mining and Tannery fields to raise efficiency. SHIJIAZHUANG XINLONGWEI CHEMICAL CO.,LTD. wishes to bring benefits to you via providing High Quality Chemicals with best value!
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  • 28 2019.10
    In order to better meet the requirements of the phosphate fertilizer industry for equipment technology in the new era, to further understand the development status and needs of outlet companies, to better serve equipment companies, and to make equipment service network replacement and promotion work, March 7, 2008. On the same day, the China Phosphate Fertilizer Industry Association and the China Sulfuric Acid Industry Association will hold a symposium on Phosphatic Fertilizer and Sulfuric Acid Equipment Manufacturing Enterprises and a Change of Work Conference in Beijing. China Phosphate Fertilizer Industry Association and China Sulfuric Acid Industry Association jointly established the [Phosphate Fertilizer and Sulfuric Acid Industry Equipment Service Network" in 1993. Since its establishment, it has been dedicated to serving China's phosphate fertilizer and sulfuric acid industry, and has continuously promoted the technological progress of the industry through its own development. In recent years, China's phosphate fertilizer and sulfuric acid industry has achieved remarkable achievements and gradually developed into a basic pillar industry with large-scale installations and advanced technology and equipment. Equipment manufacturing companies have made great contributions to this end. In order to further do a good job in serving the enterprise and achieving further development of the industry, the Phosphorus Fertilizer and Sulfuric Acid Association will hold this meeting to discuss the future development plan.
  • 21 2019.10
    AAF fixative instructions ? Key words: fixative, buffer, biochemical solution, Qiaoyu biological reagent Product introduction : The purpose of fixation is to preserve the original morphological structure of cells and tissues. The fixative can prevent endogenous lysosomal enzymes from autolysis of their tissues and cells, and inhibit the growth of bacteria and molds. The immobilizing agent inactivates the enzyme by coagulation, formation of an added compound, and the like, thereby changing the internal structure of the protein. The fixative physically changes the extracellular components of the nucleus. The living cells are wrapped in an impermeable membrane before being fixed, and the fixative can destroy the barrier, allowing the macromolecular substance to penetrate the membrane and escape. The choice of fixative is extremely important for tissue staining and immunohistochemical staining. Usually, several fixatives are mixed and formulated into a composite fixative, which can adapt to the preservation of various tissues and cellular components. However, there is currently no standard fixative. Suitable for the preservation of all tissues and cellular components. The fixative is mainly divided into an aldehyde fixative, a mercury fixative, an alcohol fixative, an oxidant fixative, a picrate fixative, etc., and is commonly used in formalin and alcohol in aldehydes. Ethanol. ? AAF fixative, also known as alcohol formalin mixed fixative or FAA fixative, consists mainly of ethanol (A), acetic acid (A), and formaldehyde (F), and has both dehydration effects. AAF fixatives are commonly used for rapid dehydration and fixation as well as rapid fixation of frozen sections. ? product composition: name specificat