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Production process of sulfuric acid titanium dioxide---Selection and preparation of raw materials (sulfuric acid)

Titanium white powder Sulfuric Acid produced in the second main raw material is sulfuric acid, it is a very reactive, strong oxidizing acids, due to its high boiling point (338 deg.] C), so it is suitable to use it to dissolve the titanium iron ore . The chemical composition of ilmenite is ferrous titanate, which is a weak acid weak base salt. It reacts with a strong acid (sulfuric acid), which is basically irreversible, and the reaction can be carried out more completely.
There is usually no special requirement for the quality of sulfuric acid, as long as it meets the national standard for industrial sulfuric acid, and even some of the smelter's recovered sulfuric acid can be used. However, as used in the food, pharmaceutical-grade or heavy metal ions more stringent requirements titanium dioxide products, smelter sulfuric acid recovery is unfit for use, or both using sulfuric pyrite sulfur produced in advance but also where the analysis of lead, The content of harmful impurities such as arsenic , cadmium and chromium .
For the concentration of sulfuric acid, it is generally 88% to 98%, but preferably not less than 85%. Usually, it is better to use sulfuric acid with a concentration of 92% to 96%. Because the concentration is too high, a large amount of heat will be released during the dilution, and the H + ions and SO 4 2+ ions will increase, and the probability of infiltration into the surface of the ilmenite surface will also increase. It is difficult to control the reaction extremely vigorously, and the reactants are solid and have few voids, which is not conducive to dissolution and leaching. If the concentration of the acid is too low, not only the amount of heat supplied to the reaction is small, but also the reaction rate is slow, the reaction is incomplete, the reactant is not easily solidified, the leaching is difficult, and early hydrolysis is liable to occur.
As the purity of sulfuric acid for bleaching and surface treatment is high, it is generally recommended to use battery grade sulfuric acid with a low heavy metal content and a low iron content.
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