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What is formaldehyde and what are the hazards of formaldehyde?


What is the chemical nature of Formaldehyde: The chemical formula of formaldehyde is HCHO, a colorless gas with a strong pungent odor. Soluble in water, alcohol and ether. Formaldehyde is gaseous at room temperature and usually appears as an aqueous solution, soluble in water and ethanol.

What is the physical property of formaldehyde: Formaldehyde is an important organic raw material and is mainly used for synthetic adhesives. Catalytic oxidation is commonly used in industry to produce formaldehyde from methanol. 35-40% of the aqueous Formaldehyde Solution is called formalin. Formalin has bactericidal and anti-corrosion capabilities, can be dipped into biological specimens, and its dilute solution (0.1-0.5%) can be used in agriculture to soak seed and disinfect seeds.

The harm of formaldehyde: Aldehyde is a poison of the original pulp, can combine with protein, inhalation of high concentrations of formaldehyde, there will be severe respiratory tract irritation and edema, eye irritation, headache, but also the occurrence of bronchial asthma. Direct contact with formaldehyde on the skin can cause dermatitis, pigmentation, and necrosis. Frequent inhalation of small amounts of formaldehyde can cause chronic poisoning. Long-term inhalation of pregnant women may result in malformation and even death of newborn infants. Men's long-term inhalation can lead to abnormal sperm morphology and death, sexual function decline, and severe leukemia, pneumothorax, and loss of reproductive ability. The harm of formaldehyde is quite big, so the newly renovated house is best to first stay in addition to formaldehyde.

Formaldehyde is a source of formaldehyde hazards: Formaldehyde can be contained in various man-made boards (particle board, density board, fiber board, plywood, etc.) due to the use of urea formaldehyde resin binders. The production of new furniture, wall and floor decoration, use adhesives. Wherever adhesives are used in large quantities, formaldehyde is always released.

Knowing the harm of formaldehyde, we must remember that newly renovated houses and newly-purchased cars, etc., it is best to remove formaldehyde in addition, after all, physical health is the most important.
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