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ATAGO sulfuric acid refractometer in laboratory concentrated sulfuric acid concentration - Database & Sql Blog Articles

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In the chemical industry, Sulfuric Acid is already a necessity and catalyst for everyday plants. The concentration of sulfuric acid is the standard for controlling the quality of a product, so we must always check the concentration of sulfuric acid. Nowadays, there are many methods for detecting the concentration of sulfuric acid, but most companies use the principle of metathesis, and then use titration, the concentration can be calculated according to the amount of the substance of the reactant, and the amount of sulfuric acid is calculated according to the titration, and the quality is converted. Then calculate the quality score. Most of these methods are cumbersome, reproducible, and the workload is large.

Concentration of sulfuric acid solution


Many physical quantities, such as refractive index, are related to each other, so in principle, changes in a certain physical quantity can be used to characterize changes in concentration. A commonly used instrument for detecting sulfuric acid concentration uses a refractive index meter that measures the critical angle. ATAGO handheld

Sulfuric acid refractometer

It is based on the measurement of the refractive index of sulfuric acid, according to the comparison table of refractive index and concentration (automatic correction of the effect of temperature on the refractive index), QR-HSO inhalation digital display

Sulfuric acid refractometer

It is specially designed for the measurement of sulfuric acid such as industrial and chemical products. It can be operated with one hand and avoid contact with sulfuric acid by both hands to measure the concentration. It is safe to use and simple in structure. Compared with other principle concentration meters, it is more cost-effective and cost-effective.

ATAGO's QR-HSO inhalation digital display

Sulfuric acid refractometer

Can meet the needs of testing.

1, high-definition digital display, accurate and direct;

2. Factory calibration and automatic temperature compensation, accurate measurement and simple operation;

3, small size design, easy to carry and use in small spaces;

4, can withstand strong acid and weak acid for durability;

Sulfuric acid is a very important chemical production raw material used in the production of different chemicals, such as: production of chemical fertilizers; production of phosphoric acid, Hydrochloric Acid; synthesis of sulfur-containing compounds (dyes, softeners, surfactants, fibers, pharmaceuticals) , plastics, etc.; production of rayon and viscose; production of titanium oxide (paint factory)


Production of sodium sulphate (glass factory and detergent products) and aluminum sulphate;


Battery acid; desiccant


Acid tank in a steel mill.

The chemical formula of sulfuric acid is:




The colorless and odorless oily liquid of sulfuric acid has strong water absorption and can be mixed with water in any proportion, and a large amount of heat is released during the mixing process. Sulfuric acid and fuming sulfuric acid can instantly destroy any cotton fabric. Absorb with concentrated sulfuric acid


Then, dilute with water to adjust to the desired concentration. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the concentration of sulfuric acid during this adjustment.

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