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Centrifugal extraction machine process for acetic acid extraction


To extract Acetic Acid from water, our water quality conditions are as follows: treatment volume 2t / h, acetic acid 3wt%, ph ~ 3 or so we design the use of extraction to recover acetic acid. After extracting acetic acid, we design and reuse distillation to recover 1-10wt% of methanol in water. I would like to ask about the cost of the equipment and the efficiency that can be achieved under this throughput.

What equipment is good for extracting acetic acid from water?

A centrifugal extractor can be used. Zhengzhou Tianyi extracts the new CWL model, which is more suitable for acetic acid extraction. High extraction efficiency, low required number of stages, low power consumption, and savings in extractants are all reasons to choose.

Centrifugal extraction machine process for acetic acid extraction:

A wastewater purification method that separates and extracts contaminants by using different extraction ratios of contaminants in water and solvent, using an extracting agent that is incompatible with water but capable of dissolving pollutants, and is thoroughly mixed with the wastewater. The extractant containing the extract is subjected to back extraction using a stripping agent to recover the useful substance, and the extractant is regenerated and reused.

Processing equipment price of 2t / h processing cost:

The processing capacity is 2t/h, and the CWL250-M centrifugal extracting machine can be selected. The processing capacity of the equipment is 3 cubic meters per hour, and the processing volume of 2 cubic meters per hour is very suitable. The price of this model is around 80,000, and the detailed price and cost depends on the specific material selection.

Extraction equipment size for acetic acid extraction:

The size of the CWL250-M centrifugal extractor is 750*750*1400. Compared with the traditional extraction tank, the equipment has a small footprint and saves space.

Acetic acid extraction pilot test:

The customer wants to extract acetic acid, but there is no process. It is recommended that the customer do the small test first. After finding the appropriate extractant, the centrifugal extractor can be used for the pilot test and keep track.

What effect can I achieve by extracting acetic acid from water with a centrifugal extractor?

According to the customer's actual use effect data feedback: the content of acetic acid in a wastewater discharged from a petrochemical plant is 6.8%. After four-stage countercurrent extraction, the extraction rate of acetic acid reaches over 97%, and the stripping rate reaches over 98%; The content of acetic acid in the wastewater discharged from a material synthesis plant is 15.8%. After five-stage cross-flow extraction, the extraction rate of acetic acid reaches over 99%.

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